ZoŽ Clements Wins January Rising Star Scholarship Award
Jan 31, 2018

Cascade School of Music is proud to announce that five-year-old violin student, ZoŽ Clements, has been awarded the Rising Star Award for January, 2018.  ZoŽ is a student Ginny Hollon and the daughter of Joel and Michele Clements of Bend.

The Rising Star Award recognizes students in year one or two of private instruction who exhibit talent, effort, and achievement.  The students who receive this award have been nominated by their teachers as showing both great promise as musicians along with great perseverance and commitment to their craft.  

ZoŽ is a graduate of Cascade School of Musicís Kindermusik program. She began violin lessons in late September and is showing remarkable progress. Joel and Michele incorporate musical education at home. This, coupled with weekly Kindermusik classes allowed ZoŽ the ability to identify musical instruments by sound. She knew that she wanted to play the violin.

ďI am grateful every day that she found her way to teachers as compassionate and generous as Barbara for Kindermusik, and Ginny for violin.  Ginny cares for ZoŽ with the kindness and positivity of a true and excellent teacher.  She doesn't ever discourage ZoŽ from going further, if further is where ZoŽ is happy to go.  Just as importantly, she gently reminds us to let ZoŽ lead, rather than pre-determining ZoŽ's violin path,Ē said her mother, Michele Clements.

ďWorking with ZoŽ and watching her grow musically in the last few months has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for me. In addition, her parents provide excellent support with her practice sessions and at lessons. ZoŽ is remarkable for her age and already competently reads simple music and plays the notes on all four strings of the instrument. She is a precocious little girl who approaches her lessons and challenges with tenacity and a joyful enthusiasm,Ē Hollon said.

Along with an award certificate, ZoŽ received a $50 scholarship toward her private lessons and goody bags from award sponsors Cascade Indoor Sports, Cuppa Yo, and Cascade School of Music. ZoŽ and subsequent monthly Rising Star Award winners are the only students eligible to win the grand prize $500 scholarship to continue their music studies at Cascade School of Music, which will be announced at Crescendo Bendo to be held at the Tower Theatre on June 2, 2018.

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